House Prices


The House Prices dataset is a classical public dataset, which contains 1460 records with 79 explanatory variables describing (almost) every aspect of residential homes in Ames (Iowa, USA) in accordance with the final price of each home.
This dataset is often used for practicing exploratory data analysis, feature engineering, and applying advanced regression techniques to predict the sale price of the house based on various factors.

Data Location

Storage → Samples → sample_generic_regression.csv
Dataset features
The property's sale price in dollars (target variable)
First Floor square feet
Second floor square feet
Three season porch area in square feet
Type of alley access
Number of bedrooms above basement level
Type of dwelling
General condition of the basement
Walkout or garden level basement walls
Type 1 finished square feet
Type 2 finished square feet
Quality of basement finished area
Quality of second finished area (if present)
Basement full bathrooms
Basement half bathrooms
Height of the basement
Unfinished square feet of basement area
Central air conditioning
Proximity to main road or railroad
Proximity to main road or railroad (if a second is present)
Electrical system
Enclosed porch area in square feet
Present condition of the material on the exterior
Exterior covering on house
Exterior covering on house (if more than one material)
Exterior material quality
Fence quality
Fireplace quality
Number of fireplaces
Type of foundation
Full bathrooms above grade
Home functionality rating
Size of garage in square feet
Size of garage in car capacity
Garage condition
Interior finish of the garage
Garage quality
Garage location
Year garage was built
Above grade (ground) living area square feet
Half baths above grade
Type of heating
Heating quality and condition
Style of dwelling
Number of kitchens
Kitchen quality
Flatness of the property
Slope of property
Lot size in square feet
Lot configuration
Linear feet of street connected to property
General shape of property
Low quality finished square feet (all floors)
Masonry veneer area in square feet
Masonry veneer type
Miscellaneous feature not covered in other categories
$Value of miscellaneous feature
Month Sold
The building class
The general zoning classification
Physical locations within Ames city limits
Open porch area in square feet
Overall condition rating
Overall material and finish quality
Paved driveway
Pool area in square feet
Pool quality
Roof material
Type of roof
Condition of sale
Type of sale
Screen porch area in square feet
Type of road access
Total square feet of basement area
Total rooms above grade (does not include bathrooms)
Type of utilities available
Wood deck area in square feet
Original construction date
Remodel date
Year Sold

Examples of usage