Load Linked Model

General information

Load the latest version of the trained linked model.


Brick Locations

Bricks Export / Import → Load Linked Model

Brick Parameters

  • Select linked model
    • Select a linked model from the saved models to load.

Brick Inputs/Outputs

  • Outputs
    • Brick returns a trained linked model that can be used as an input for other bricks

Example of usage

Let’s have a look at the usage of the Load Linked Model Brick.
If the trained linked model was properly saved (see Save Linked Model documentation), it can be loaded into the platform.
Suppose we already have a saved linked model called ‘home_prices_model’ that predicts the sale prices for the ‘home_prices_sample.csv’ dataset.
To load the linked model, it’s only necessary to select the model to load in the Settings.
After that, this model can be used as an input for other bricks, for example, the Predict Brick.
notion image
As a result, the linked model has successfully worked to generate the predicted house price.
notion image
Load Linked Model provides a mechanism that allows you to get the latest version of the trained model so that if the model is retrained, the linked model is also updated.