Pipeline API Usage

Whenever the pipeline deployed, Pipeline API is instantly created and can be used to generate predictions out of the platform.

1) Create Pipeline

notion image

2) Deploy Pipeline

notion image
notion image

3) Go to Deployments and click to Copy api url button

notion image
You will get a URL with such structure:

4) Make a POST request to trigger pipeline deployment

With this URL you need to make a POST request with or without data. It depends if your pipeline has an API Input brick. The body of the request must have a data parameter. Example of request body:
{ "data": [ { "Survived": true, "Pclass": 1, "Age": 23.5, "Fare": 80, "is_male": true, "is_child": false }, { "Survived": false, "Pclass": 2, "Age": 2.4, "Fare": 80, "is_male": true, "is_child": true } ] }
As a result of the API request, you will receive taskId. Example:
{ "taskId": "7014126a-d2ff-4bfd-8e87-0d65e87639c8" }

5) Get status or result of triggered pipeline

To get status or result you need to make GET request to the URL with such structure: {apiUrl}/group/{groupId}/project/{projectId}/pipelines/{pipelineId}/deployments/{deploymentId}/result/{taskId}?apiKey={apiKey}
6) API Keys