Rename Columns

General information

With this brick, you can rename specified columns the way you need them to be called.


Brick Locations

Bricks Data Manipulation → Rename Columns

Brick Parameters

  • Columns
    • Columns to rename. You select as many columns to rename as you want by clicking the '+' button. Then you just need to specify the column's new name.

Brick Inputs/Outputs

  • Inputs
    • Brick takes a dataset
  • Outputs
    • Brick returns the same dataset with changed column names

Example of usage

Let’s use Rename Columns Brick to rename columns from the ‘titanic.csv’ dataset. This dataset looks in the following way:
notion image
We can connect the brick to the dataset, change column names: ‘name’ into ‘Full Name’ and ‘cabin’ into ‘room’, and run the pipeline.
notion image
notion image
The output dataset, available from the Data Outputs section, has its column names successfully changed.
notion image