User Access Management in Datrics


Datrics platform provides a robust user access management system that allows administrators to manage access rights for different users efficiently. This guide details the steps to assign user roles and group memberships to manage permissions across the platform.

Assigning User Roles

Steps for Admins to Assign Roles:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Panel:
      • Start by clicking on the 'Admin Panel' in the main navigation menu. This will take you to the management area where you can control user settings.
  1. Accessing Members List:
      • Inside the Admin Panel, locate and select the 'Members' section. This will display a list of all users and their current roles.
  1. Adding New User:
      • To add a new user, enter the user’s email address and a password in the designated fields at the top of the 'Members' list.
      • Click the 'Add User' button to create a new user entry.
  1. Assigning Roles:
      • Each user has a 'Role' dropdown next to their name. Click on this dropdown to change the user’s role.
      • Select either 'User' or 'Admin' based on the level of access required.
  1. Saving Changes:
      • The changes are typically saved automatically or may require confirmation by clicking on a checkmark or 'Save' button, depending on the platform's version.

Role Definitions:

  • Admin: Admins have full access to all features and settings within the platform. They can manage users, create projects, access all templates, view all data, and manage the system settings.
  • User: Users have limited access based on the permissions assigned by the Admin. They can work within the confines of their projects and may have restricted access to certain data or settings.

Managing Groups

Steps to Assign Users to Groups:

  1. Locating Group Settings:
      • Within the Admin Panel, find and select 'Groups.' This will show you the list of available groups within the Datrics platform.
  1. Creating a New Group:
      • If you need to create a new group, enter the name of the group and define the permissions and access levels for this group.
      • Click 'Create Group' to establish the new group.
  1. Adding Users to Groups:
      • Find the user you want to assign to a group in the 'Members' list.
      • Click on the user's settings, usually indicated by a gear icon or an 'Edit' button.
  1. Selecting the Group for the User:
      • In the user's settings, locate the 'Groups' section.
      • Select the group you wish to add the user to from a dropdown or by checking the corresponding box.
  1. Confirming Group Membership:
      • Confirm the selection, which may involve clicking a 'Save' button or simply closing the user’s settings dialog.

Group Definitions:

  • Groups: Groups are collections of users that share the same level of permissions and access. Groups can be department-based, project-based, or any other categorization that suits the organization's structure.

Best Practices

  • Audit Regularly: Regular audits of user access rights are recommended to ensure that the right people have the appropriate level of access.
  • Least Privilege: Apply the principle of least privilege, ensuring users have access only to the information and resources that are necessary for their work.


The user access management functionality in Datrics allows Admins to maintain optimal workflow and data security by carefully assigning roles and grouping users. Adhering to best practices ensures that the system remains organized and secure.