User Management

User management is an essential aspect of any system. In this system, different roles have different functionalities:
  • Admins have the most access. They can manage environment members, pipelines, deployments, and data sources.
  • Editors can manage pipelines and group members. They can also manage their own deployments and have access to datasets and data sources.
  • Viewers have limited access and can mainly view pipelines.
It's important to note that the specifics of each role may vary depending on the system's configuration. Therefore, details may need to be adjusted accordingly.
Admins have the power to manage user groups and computational resources. This allows them to control who has access to what and ensures that the system resources are being used effectively. Meanwhile, editors have the ability to create projects within shared groups or their own private group. This gives them a degree of autonomy and flexibility while still maintaining overall system organization.
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